Kontingent for the 2019/2020 season:

You need to pay each September for the entire season. Remember only to do it, when you’ve been accepted on the team by your team leder. After that, please fill out the formula below and transfer the money.

Yearly fees by team:
•   Dame 1/Ladies 1st team: 1300 DKK/season
•   Dame 2/Ladies 2nd team: 1200 DKK/season
•   Herre 1/Mens 1st team: 1300 DKK/season
•   Herre 2/Mens 2nd team: 1200 DKK/season
•   Herre 3/Mens 3rd team: 1200 DKK/season
•   Herre 4/Mens 4th team: 1200 DKK/season
•   Herre 5/Mens 5th team: 1200 DKK/season
•   Old Boys: 1200 DKK/season

Half-season fees are possible, but only after approval of the team leader. If approved, you  fill out the form, but only wire half of the stated amount. This is usually only possible, if you join from January (mid-season).

How to pay the fee
1) Open your web bank in a new tab.
2) Fill out the below form.
3) Transfer the amount to the BBK account:
Registration number: 5476
Account number: 1685220
Copy/paste friendly version: 54761685220