Herre 3

Serie 3. East

About the team:
We are a collection of many different, young people in this so-called “hygge-hold”, where we just love basketball. Age-wise, we are in our 20s and start 30s with several foreigners, which means that all communication is in English. The team was constructed in the summer of 2017, and everyone now knows each other, which is great for team spirit and social arrangements.
We are big believers of having fun, while trying to stay in shape with one weekly practice along with a couple of games.

Currently, the team is full and therefore closed for entry, since we are 20 players.

Practice time:
Mondays from 20:30-22:30 at Svanemøllehallen.

Mathias Kristensen

Facebook page:
Broernes Basketball – Herre 3